Novice's Class (Note Date)

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    Novice's Class (Note Date)

    Post  Adrien on Sat Sep 04, 2010 8:17 am

    (This class has been moved to 12th September, due to important events taking part on the 11th
    Thanks for your cooperation!)

    Scholar: Adrien
    Assistant: To Be Annouced
    Time: 3:01PM FST
    Location: Southwest Classroom
    Date: 11th September 2010 12th September 2010

    Hear ye, hear ye! -- Adrien declares that a novice class be held in the southwest classroom!

    Have you reacently been accepted into the Opal Gate? Do you need your novice class to become a fully-fledged member? Then come along, and `join Adrien for the exciting, learning experience! (Cookies Available!)

    -Adrien & The Scholars-

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