Novice Class (Impromtu)

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    Novice Class (Impromtu)

    Post  Adrien on Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:56 pm

    Scholar: Adrien
    Assistant: Kuger
    Time: 3:30PM 4:00PM Furcadian Standard Time
    Duration: 1 Hour
    Location: Classroom One

    Arrr! The beer baron says "A novice class will be held in the southwest classroom, at 3:31PM exact!"

    That's right, Adrien and Kuger are holding the ever so famous, fabulous but ever so; crazy novice class, to welcome aboard our new novice's! :3 If you would like to attend `join Adrien or Kuger for a quick lift and remember your notepads! (Pencils will not be provided, but hot cuppa's will! Very Happy)

    ~Adi and Kuger

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